Ansaldo Energia’s H-technology GT36-S5 gas turbine debut

Ansaldo Energia’s first 50-Hz H-technology GT36-S5 gas turbine production model recently made its debut at the company’s refurbished manufacturing facility in Genoa. An event that was attended by local dignitaries and company executives in tribute of its significance to the company’s competitive future.


Company says it has invested over €65 million to create the conditions to bring the production of machines based on former Alstom technology to Italy, involving adaptation work on the existing facilities and the construction of the new industrial shed in Cornigliano, which was officially opened in June 2017.


The GT36 is the most powerful engine built by Ansaldo Energia today. It has been developed to deliver high efficiency combined with great operating flexibility, allowing it to deliver power according to the changing needs of the grid, compensating for and supporting intermittent electricity generation from renewable sources.


With the ongoing support of Ansaldo Energia’s Chinese partner, Shanghai Electric Group, the first GT36 maxi gas turbines will be installed in two power generation plants in the Shanghai area.


Company engineers point out that the new GT36 gas turbine model ​feature fast startup and fast ramping (up and down), high part-load efficiency​​, optimized park load mode, high turndown capability with low fuel consumption (providing high reserve power) and high fuel flexibility​.


The 50-Hz GT36-S5 gas turbine design is rated at 538MW ISO base load output and 42.8% simple cycle efficiency. In combined cycle mode, the 1x1 power block is rated at 760MW net plant output with 62.6% efficiency.


A 60-Hz GT36-S6 version also slated for production is rated at 369MW ISO base load output with 42.3% simple cycle efficiency. In combined cycle mode, that 1x1 power block will be rated at 520MW net plant output with 62.3% efficiency.

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