2010 Back Issues

January-February 2010


Volume 40 No. 1


From zero to 150MW on the grid

in less than 10 minutes of startup

Industrial frame SGT6-5000 plant is designed to reach full 208MW base load output within 13 minutes of startup for peaking backup of intermittent wind turbine generation.

By Robert Farmer, pp 10-13.


Repowering old base load plants

for dispatch flexibility and profit

Trent 60 repowering has converted 1970’s combined cycle into a 400MW base load plant capable of daily start-stop cycling for summer peaking at high efficiency part-load operation.

By Junior Isles, pp 14-17.


Active IGCC projects

under development

Power plant site location, scheduled service date, feedstock, type gasifier and supplier, EPC contractor, plant capacity.

By Harry Jaeger, pp 18-21.


IGCC plant profiles and progress

Project cost, timetable, participants, background, key design features, engineering and construction progress.

By Harry Jaeger, pp 22-25.


Novel rocket-based gasifier on test

Test results of 18 tpd pilot plant confirms potential for a 50% lower gasifier cost, 10-25% lower IGCC plant cost and 8-15% lower COE.

By Harry Jaeger, pp 26-31.

March-April 2010


Volume 40 No. 2


New engineering developments,

project orders and installations

Operation and maintenance contract for 500MW Iraq station, 800MW floating substation for offshore wind farm, Mapna 450MW combined cycle project in Syria, IPP power barges for Venezuela,

By GTW staff, pp 3-12.


High performance RB211-H63

gas turbine to debut during 2012

New model with 30 per cent more shaft output is being introduced at 42.5MW and 39.3% efficiency for gensets and 59,000 shp and 41.5% efficiency for mech drives.

By Robert Farmer, pp 14-18.


There are risks in neglecting

accessories maintenance

Maintenance expert attests to forced outages of aero and heavy frame gas turbines due to failed accessories after only 1-2 hours of operation following major overhaul and rebuild.

By Anthony Brough, pp 20-21.


Enel 12MW demo plant collecting

data for low NOx H2 combustion

Enel has been running tests on hydrogen-rich gas mixtures since August 2009 to collect data for follow-on design development of commercial plant projects with low-NOx emissions.

By Junior Isles, pp 22-25.

May-June 2010


Volume 40 No. 3


New engineering developments,

project orders and installations

U.S. utility plans for two 1250MW 8000H CC plants, 400MW Pemex cogen plant, Oman advanced 6FA water and power project, China plans for 6x900MW CC project.

By GTW staff, pp 2-11.


2700°F-class 8000H CC plant

rated at over 60% efficiency

New air-cooled 1x1 60-Hz combined cycle design rated at 410MW net plant output and over 60% efficiency with emissions limited to less than 25 ppm NOx and 10 ppm CO.

By Junior Isles, pp 12-16.


TransGas hosting GT waste

heat recovery power project

Turboden 865kW heat recover genset operating off exhaust of a Centaur 40 compressor set should earn about $475,000 per year with a 25% reduction in CO2 site emissions.

By Victor de Biasi, pp 18-21.


SCR has cut Fr 7 NOx and

CO by close to 90 per cent

Two 1980s vintage Fr 7 peakers recently retrofitted for catalytic reduction treatment have reduced NOx to less than 2.3 ppm from 25 ppm and reduced CO to less than 5 ppm.

By Robert Farmer, pp 22-25.

July-August 2010


Volume 40 No. 4


New engineering developments,

project orders and installations

Endessa diesels replaced by GT plant, $100 million LMS 100 co-op project, two 745MW IPP plants in Oman, turnkey M501F 400MW Russian project, Chubu plans for 2200MW plant.

By GTW staff, pp 2-8.


How IGCC stacks up against

supercritical pulverized coal

Results of comparative cost and performance studies by NETL show pre-combustion CO2 for coal-based IGCC plants superior only at 85% and higher capture levels.

By Harry Jaeger, pp 10-19.


New compressor and turbine

upgrades for old GT24 plants

New design technology retrofit can increase power and heat rate of old GT24 combined cycle plants to 275MW and 57.5% efficiency from 260MW and 54.0% efficiency.

By Robert Farmer, pp 20-23.


Expect the unexpected from

any new power plant project

No single aspect of project development comes together without continuing involvement of owners and operators from planning on through to the first 25,000-hr major overhaul.

By Mike Newby, pp 24-27.

September-October 2010


Volume 40 No. 5


1600°C-class M501J CC plant rated

at 460MW and over 61% efficiency

Design features and performance of Mitsubishi’s 60-Hz M501J gas turbine which is ISO rated at 320MW and over 41% simple cycle efficiency for a new generation of CC plants.

By Victor de Biasi, pp 10-14.


Gas turbine station for peaking and

intermittent wind farm grid back-up

Westar Energy is phasing in operation of 4xLM6000PC Sprints and 3xFr 7FA plants for grid support and summer peaking capacity that includes 150MW of spinning reserve.

By Bill Owen, pp 16-18.


10-year old peaking plant conversion

to combined cycle base load

Wood Group has turnkey contract to convert two-unit 170MW peaking plant to combined cycle rated at 270MW with duct fired HRSGs that can increase output to 335MW.

By Robert Farmer, pp 20-23.


New gas turbine users group to hold

annual meeting in Dubai next year

Gas Turbine Users International (GTUI) maintenance exec membership is focused on upstream oil & gas, industrial cogeneration and pipeline gas turbine fleet operations.

By Bill Owen, pp 24-26.

November-December 2010


Volume 40 No. 6


2010 GTC Conference reported real

progress in the face of uncertainty

Presentation highlights included potential of EOR as a revenue source, current status of ongoing commercial IGCC projects, R&D programs to offset CCS losses and cost.

By Harry Jaeger, pp 10-14.


R&D aimed at developing new

IGCC game changer technology

Key technologies under study and development include warm gas cleanup integrated with CCS, ion transport membrane oxygen, advanced H2-fueled gas turbine, post-combustion CO2 capture.

By Harry Jaeger, pp 20-21.


SGT-750 is rated at 37MW shaft

power output and 40% efficiency

Design features and performance capable of full load output in 17 minutes of a cold start or 10-minute “fast” start and turndown ratio of 50% from full load while limiting NOx to less than 15 ppm.

By Junior Isles, pp 22-27.


Engineering profile of Titan 250

and basic performance ratings

Two-page profile includes key design features, materials of construction, power and heat rate curves vs. ambient temperature, ratings on natural gas fuel, development history.

By Robert Faramer, pp 28-29.

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