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January-February 2011


27th Edition of Performance Specs

Volume 41 No. 1


Simple Cycle Design Ratings

OEM design performance specifications for more than 200 gas turbines in production for 50/60-Hz electric power and cogeneration operation.

Update by GTW editors, pp 11-21.


Mechanical Drive Design Ratings

OEM design performance specifications for aero and industrial gas turbines in production for oil, gas, LNG and petrochemical project operation.

Update by GTW editors, pp 23-28.


Combined Cycle Design Ratings

OEM reference plant design performance specifications for optimized 50/60-Hz combined cycle power blocks with unfired HRSGs.

Update by GTW editors, pp 31-40.


Marine Propulsion Design Ratings

OEM design performance specifications for marinized gas turbine engines in production for electric motor, waterjet and propeller shaft propulsion.

Update by GTW editors, pp 41-43.

March-April 2011


Volume 41 No. 2


New industrial design series

covering 6 to 10MW range

Design features and performance of MAN industrial frame unit rated at 6630kWe and 32.0% efficiency with less than 25 ppm NOx over wide range of full to part-load output.

By Junior Isles, pp 8-11.


Moroccan 315MW plant de-rated

for daily cycling on heavy fuel oil

Three 127.6MW simple cycle gensets are being de-rated to run on No. 6 fuel oil at 105MW base load each and 31.8% efficiency at less than 2000°F firing temperature.

By Robert Farmer, pp 12-15.


Optical sensors being developed

to survive extremely high temps

Gas turbine combustor section optical technology sensors that have endured several hundred hours of operation at around 500°C are now being tested at over 1000°C.

By Ian Macafee, pp 16-18.


What suppliers are doing to lower

HPT replacement components cost

Large non-OEM supplier is improving on refurbishment techniques to reduce scrap rates and guaranteeing repaired vanes and blades rather than provide new spare parts.

By Bill Owen, pp 20-22.


May-June 2011


Volume 41 No. 3


Gas turbine’s new role reflects

developing global energy shifts

Economic, regulatory and technical developments behind growing shift in the US (and world) away from coal steam plants to natural gas fired gas turbine power generation, backed up by charts, curves and tables.

By Harry Jaeger and Bill Owen, pp 10-18.


Background and likely future of gas

turbine power in the US and world

Political, technical and industry events going back to the 1965 blackout that have shaped the volitle growth and contraction of gas turbine utilization and what the future portends.

By Harry Jaeger and Bill Owen, pp 19-23.


Chemical looping combustion for

high efficiency and carbon capture

Long range “silver bullet” under study with the potential to combine inherent CO2 capture with efficiencies well beyond today’s most advanced combined cycles.

By Prof. Peter Childs, pp 24-27.


20-yr old 474MW combined cycle

converted to a ‘new’ 526MW plant

After 20 years of on-off cyclic duty, combined cycle plant powered by four GT11Ns is now rated at 526MW net output and 50.0% efficiency from 474MW and 47.3% efficiency.

By Robert Farmer, pp 28-31.


July-August 2011


Volume 41 No. 4


Validation tests of 50Hz 8000H

plant confirm 60.75% efficiency

Project engineers report the plant has achieved a net base load output of 578MW, ramp rates of 15 to 35MW per minute, less than 30-minute hot startups from zero to full load.

By Junior Isles, pp 14-17.


Flex 50 design rated over 61%

net combined cycle efficiency

New 50Hz 9FB plant is design rated at 510MW net output, hot startup from zero to full load in less than 30 minutes, 50MW per minute ramp rate, and over 40% turndown.

By Junior Isles, pp 18-21.


New GT26 core of 500MW+ KA26

CC plant with over 61% efficiency

Next generation 50Hz KA26 combined cycle plant will deliver over 350MW within 15 minutes of startup, full output in less than 30 minutes, and high part-load efficiencies.

By Junior Isles, pp 22-25.


Frame 6B flange-to-flange upgrade

boosts efficiency by over 8 per cent

Upgrade of 1992 Fr 6B during major overhaul has added 4600kW to power output, raised simple cycle efficiency to 31.6% and prolonged its service life by 25 years.

By Mike Forish, pp 26-28.



September-October 2011


Volume 41 No. 5


New GT24 gas turbine design for

advanced flexible 60Hz CC plant

Optimized two-on-one KA24 combined cycle with upgraded GT24 can idle at 20% part-load and ramp up to deliver over 450MW of spinning reserve capacity within 10 minutes of dispatch.

By Junior Isles, pp 12-16.


Ultra-low DLE breakthrough for

small 8 to 10MW sized gas turbines

Single-digit dry low emissions technology will debut on an upgraded M7A gas turbine rated at 7.8MW and 34.1% efficiency with less than 9 ppm NOx and 25 ppm CO over a 50 to 100% load range.

By Robert Farmer, pp 18-20.


1510MW oasis of power at water

desalination complex in AbuDhabi

Site-rated 1510MW plant is built around two SCC5-4000F 2x1 combined cycle power blocks ISO rated at 832MW net output and 58.5% net plant efficiency each.

By Tim Probert, pp 22-26.


1.8MW gensets at remote site running

for over 50,000 hrs without overhaul

Two sets are running on corrosive wellhead gas well past prescribed 40,000-hr major overhaul to provide 24/7 base load power with waste heat recovery for arctic site.

By Robert Farmer, pp 28-32.

November-December 2011


Volume 41 No. 5


Carbon capture ready designs

call for more than extra space

Competing post-combustion technologies for combined cycle plant operation are under development and test, but the cost of energy losses for carbon capture remain prohibitive.

By Tim Probert, pp 12-15.


Combined cycle repowering

adds 30MW to RB211 plant

Two 28MW RB211s in simple cycle base load service on Batam Island since 2004 have been converted to a 2x1 combined cycle plant rated at 85MW and 52.8% efficiency.

By Robert Farmer, pp 16-19.


LaCaridad combined cycle

project to save 4¢ per kWh

Two SSC6-5000F combined cycles being built in Mexico, each rated 250MW and 56.9% efficiency, will reduce COE for mining operations to 6¢ per kWh from current 10¢ level.

By Junior Isles, pp 20-22.


PGT25+ compressor station

utilizing exhaust for power

Organic fluid-vapor expander gensets operating off hot gas turbine exhaust will each generate 7.9MW for sale to regional utilities under long term power purchase agreements.

By Robert Farmer, pp 24-26.


Moveable power barge rated

125MW and 41% efficiency

Shallow draft power barge serves as a floating power house for two Trent 60 gensets to supply backup or interim power pending the completion of new plants in remote regions.

By Junior Isles, pp 27-30.

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