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January-February 2014


Performance Specs 30th Edition

Volume 44 No. 1


Simple Cycle Gensets

Design ratings for more than 260 gas turbine gensets available for 50/60-Hz power generation, industrial cogeneration and utility combined heat and power projects. Annual update by GTW staff, pp 4 to 15.


Combined Cycle Plants

Design ratings for 1x1 and 2x1 combined cycle configurations operating without supplementary fired HRSGs and without selective catalytic reduction for emissions abatement.

Annual update by GTW staff,pp 16 to 27.


Mechanical Drive Power

Design ratings for aeroderivative and industrial frame gas turbines available for offshore platform and land based oil and gas, petrochemical and LNG projects.

Annual update by GTW staff, pp 28 to 33.


Marine Drive Gas Turbines

Design ratings for marine gas turbines available for military and commercial ship propulsion, shipboard electric power generation and offshore platform power projects.

Annual update by GTW staff, pp 34 to 36.

March-April 2014


Volume 44 No. 2


Air-cooled 7HA and 9HA at 275 MW

and 400 MW with 61% CC efficiency

Engineering features, performance and production status of GE’s new H-technology machines for 60 Hz and 50 Hz combined cycle operation. Provides preliminary design ratings for 7HA.01 and uprated .02 machines for 60-Hz power. And for original 50-Hz 9HA.01 and .02 platform.

By Victor deBiasi, pp 10-13.


Clean ramping: next challenge for

fast start combined cycle operation

Clean ramp technology developed by Siemens for integrating combined cycle plant and emissions reduction controls to maintain NOx, CO and SCR ammonia slip at base load operating levels even when ramping up and down at 30 MW/min. Reports on test results at El Segundo 2x1 CC plant in California.

By Harry Jaeger, pp 14-17.


IPP upgrade will provide four GT24

CC stations more peaking capability

The GDF Suez upgrade program will increase the unit output of 14 x GT24 gas turbine unit by 5 to 10 MW, enable operators to switch online to operate in a mode that will maximize power output for peaking or reduce power and extend TBO intervals. Based on Alstom’s MXL engineering and equipment upgrade package.

By Junior Isles, pp20-26.


Dangjin 415MW LNG-fired single-shaft

CC plant powered by 8000H gas turbine

Combined cycle plant in South Korea is rated at 415MW base load and over 60% net efficiency, startup and reach full CC output in less than 30 minutes. Gas turbines designed to burn LNG fuel. Equipment and construction cost is estimated at around US $433 million or $1043 per kW installed.

By Junior Isles, pp 28-32.


May-June 2014


Volume 44 No. 3


Distributed power offers remote areas small plants easily financed and built

GE’s new Distributed Power business unit to market small plants powered by advanced aeroderivative gas turbines and recip engines. Looking at an upgraded LM6000, new gas engine rated at 8.5 MW and 49% simple cycle efficiency, and high speed diesel under development and test.

By Junior Isles, pp 14-16.


Werne gas compression station retrofitted

to meet new national CO and noise lmits

Key station in North Germany has modified two FT8-55 dry low NOx compressor drives to meet new emission limits. Retrofit has limited CO concentration to 8 mg/m3 and NOx to 51 mg at full load output. Noise has been lowered to around 90 dBA.

By Michael Asquino, pp 18-20.


10MW biomass gasifier CHP plant powered by two 5MW Jenbacher gas engine modules

Straw and wood chip feedstock will fuel a 10MW combined heat and power facility in Bulgaria. Plant designed around bubbling bed gasifiers and reciprocating gas engines modified to burn low-Btu syngas, expected to operate at 70-75% CHP efficiency.

By Junior Isles, pp 22-26.


Mitsubishi and Hitachi combine their thermal

power businesses to compete in world markets

New joint venture company, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS), integrates their gas turbine product lines, specialized steam and turbine technologies, and industry sales contacts. Hitachi gas turbines cover a power spectrum of around 15MW to 110MW; Mitsubishi from around 115MW to 310MW.

By Victor deBiasi, pp 28-32.

July-August 2014


Volume 44 No. 4


500MW La Caridad CC plant cutting

mining company’s COE by 40 percent

Two 1x1 SGT6-5000F combined cycle power islands, rated at 258MW net output each with 56.9% efficiency, have lowered the operating cost of electricity to 6 cents/kWh from 10 cents. Gas turbines’ DLE combustion also limits NOx emissions to less than 25 ppm for compliance with international standards. By Junior Isles, pp 8-12.


Cheng CHP plants can change electric

power and steam mix to match demand

Design principles underlying Cheng cycle gas turbines which enable CHP plants to vary electric power and process steam output in different quantities to meet changing load demand during operation. And that dramatically increase output and efficiency of old as well as advanced F-technology gas turbines. Examples of “before and after” compare changes in design ratings and performance for 6F, 7F and 9F machines. By Victor deBiasi, pp 14-23.


World’s most powerful spark-ignited

gas engine to debut later in the year

Engineering design features and performance of MAN’s new engine, ISO rated at 18.9MW (1050 kW/cyl) with 50% simple cycle efficiency. Has normal 480-seconds startup to reach full output; instant loading option of 75 seconds for renewable energy backup operation.

By Junior Isles, pp 24-26.


General Electric - Alstom merger

brings visions of the Uberturbine

Envisioned is the potential for integrating GE steam-cooled turbine technology and Alstom’s reheat combustion design to come up with a practical steam-cooled reheat gas turbine capable of 64 or 65% combined cycle net efficiency. Backed by a carefully detailed theoretical and practical analysis of the cycle and engineering limitations.

An invited “Guest Feature” by S.C. Gulen, PhD, PE, Principal Engineer at Bechtel Corp., pp 26-35.



September-October 2014


Volume 44 No. 5


Exelon will be the first to debut

GE’s new 7HA.02 gas turbine

Engineering features and performance of combined cycle plant designed around two 2x1 duct-fired CC configurations. Each block is powered by two 330MW gasfired 7HA.02 gas turbines, two duct-fired Alstom Power HRSGs, and one 500MW steam turbine. Without supplementary firing, the plant is rated at 976MW net output and 61.2% net efficiency.

By Tim Probert, pp 14-19.


Temple 755MW combined cycle plant

commissioned for commercial startup

Panda Power IPP’s “Flex-Plant” installation in Texas is

designed for fast start and ramping. It also is the first application of Siemens’ “shaping power” in the

U.S. that will increase power output by 10 percent when operating at high ambient temperatures. Article covers engineering considerations and design details of the plant and its operation.

By Junior Isles, pp 20-24.


New 2.5MW gas engine best in class for lowest

owner and operating costs

High-speed gas fired engine is rated at 2500kWe and

45.3% electrical efficiency. Caterpillar says the new

engine offers an improved return on investment 80,000

hours before major overhaul, extended duty for CHP

and continuous electric power generation.

By Junior Isles, pp 26-28.

November-December 2014


Volume 44 No. 6


Supercritical carbon dioxide demo

plant rated at 25MWe in design development

New type of turbine and combustor for the demonstration plant is close to start of manufacturing. Test performance will provide basis for design and construction of a full-scale 295MWe commercial power plant. Goals are 59% efficiency (LHV) on natural gas fuel, or 51-52% on coal-based syngas, and full 100% carbon capture without any loss in efficiency.

By Junior Isles, pp 14-18.


Second generation dry low NOx EV premix

burner tested on a GT13D utility installation

Operational tests of original DLN combustor design on a

GT11N gas turbine reduced NOx by 40% at upper partload

output, significant reductions down to 30% load, and less than 10 ppm at base load. Alstom says improved design was recently tested on a GT13D plant in utility service.

By Tim Probert, pp 20-22.


Chromium-free aluminum ceramic coatings entering operational gas turbine field testing

Praxair is completing field tests on gas turbines in oil & gas service under severe environmental conditions. New line

of chrome-free ceramic coatings said to match the performance of its legacy coatings without the toxicity associated with hexavalent chromium content.

By Victor deBiasi, pp 24-26.


New test coating with thermal history promises

dramatic change in hot parts design diagnostics

Thermal paints are used extensively for measuring temperatures of hot gas path components under test. An alternative, in the form of a spray-on thermal barrier coating,

has been developed that is able to store temperature information under test for subsequent retrieval – offline –by

scanning the surface of the test specimen with an optical


By Junior Isles, pp 28-30.


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