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Air-cooled 7HA and 9HA designs

rated at over 61% CC efficiency

Modular combined cycle plants powered by an air-cooled version of GE’s H-class gas turbines are rated at more than 61% net plant efficiency for 50Hz and 60Hz power generation.

General Electric is drawing on its H-class steam-cooled gas turbine engineering and operating background to introduce a high efficiency air-cooled gas turbine which operates at a firing temperature of  between 2600°F and 2900°F for cyclic and base load operation – and which will deliver greater than 61% net plant combined cycle efficiencies.


GE’s initial offering is a 50Hz gas turbine, the 9HA.01, which has an introductory rating of 397MW and 41.5% simple cycle efficiency. In combined cycle mode, a 1x1 packaged design is rated at 592MW net base load output and 61.4% net plant efficiency – with all the operational characteristics of advanced F-class gas turbines. Operational combined cycle features:


Quick start.  Deliver full combined cycle plant output in less than 30 minutes from the start command.


Load changes.  Up to 60MW/min ramp rate, turndown to less than 40% plant load, 60% efficiency down to 87% load.


Revenue.  Gas turbine potential for standby capacity fees and combined cycle spinning reserve credit at low load idling.

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The 9HA gas turbine is being manufactured at GE’s Belfort facility in France. The first production unit has been shipped to Greenville, South Carolina for prototype performance validation testing later this year. Production unit #2 is scheduled for delivery to EDF France in 2015 to power a FlexEfficiency 50 Combined Cycle plant under construction that is scheduled to begin commercial operation in 2016.


50Hz power generation

The 9HA.01 launch unit for 50Hz power generation will be joined by a 9HA.02 Gas Turbine in the future that will offer almost 20% more power at the same 41.5% simple cycle efficiency and 61.4% combined cycle efficiency.


As currently conceived, the 9HA.02 will have a simple cycle rating of 470MW net base load output (compared to 397MW rating of the .01 model). Its higher rating is due largely to an increase in  compressor air flow by almost 14 per cent to 979 kg from 826 kg/sec (see 50Hz gas turbine ratings table for specifics).


In a 1x1 configuration the 9HA.02 combined cycle performance is rated at 701MW net plant output (compared to 592MW rating of the .01 plant) and 61.4% net efficiency. And, for a 2x1 configuration, combined cycle output of the .02 plant is practically doubled to 1,398MW and 61.2% net efficiency (see 50Hz combined specs table for specifics).

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